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LeisureCat's unsinkable? BIAWA
            No? Well read on and then watch the video . . .

Well, despite all the dramatic spins put on this story by various journalists, the actual story is quite simple. In May last year, the LeisureCat 8000 Sportsfisher, “an Xtreme Crowd”, with Stephen Knight and a friend aboard, left Exmouth, Western Australia, for a fun fishing trip. Caught out in a sudden and violent storm, the crew decided to anchor in the lee of an island and, after setting the anchor, swam ashore to wait out the storm.

However, during the night, the wind changed and the storm blew the other way causing the boat to pull its anchor and drift away while the crew could only stand and watch the anchor light slowly disappearing into the distance.


The boat eventually drifted into shallow waters where the anchor caught, swinging it into the wild, broaching waves that eventually causing it to capsize.

Meanwhile the crew, on an island some 14 nm off Exmouth, phoned for rescue. 

The boat was later spotted floating upside down in the water and they were able to salvage most of their gear.  However, the seas were still too rough take the boat in tow so the crew were transferred back to Exmouth.

When rescue authorities returned to salvage the boat it was nowhere to be found.  An aerial search also failed to find any trace of the vessel and it was presumed sunk.

You would think that would be the end of the story, but no!

In January this year, after drifting some 7000 kms across the Indian Ocean through all kinds of weather, the LeisureCat came ashore on Mayotte Island, a small island in the channel between Madagascar and Mozambique. French officials were able to identify the boat from a Fremantle Sea Rescue sticker and called them.  They in turn contacted the stunned Stephen Knight.

It appears the boat, after all it had endured, was still in reasonable shape (albeit, somewhat barnacle encrusted . . . but still afloat!).

Stephen Knight was so impressed with his first LeisureCat that he is currently awaiting delivery of a new one.

Well, are LeisureCats unsinkable? Perhaps not, but this story points up the strength of the LeisureCat boats and, combined with the built-in flotation qualities, they sure make it look like they can go on forever . . . regardless of the weather!

The LeisureCat Ultralight Kalbarri Fishing Competition will be held on 3 and 4 May 2014.

Go to the LeisureCat Ultralight Page to download entry form and information.

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