Why a Cat

Since they were first launched in the 1970’s power catamarans have proved invaluable in offshore sea search and rescue work in the extreme conditions often found around Australia. Their unique design enables them to be driven hard in almost any conditions, providing a smoother, more efficient ride than a monohull. With their acceptance within the market place, many builders of power catamarans have kept with original designs, making only slight modifications. Consequently, very little advance had been made which opened the market for Marine and Leisure Industries (now LeisureCat Australia) to introduce the LeisureCat range that was immediately accepted into the market because of its superior performance. The LeisureCat range is the most up-to-date power catamaran on the market, incorporating design changes and features that further enhance their safety and performance.

The three major design features peculiar to a LeisureCat include:

  1. A full-length wavebreaker that provides a comfortable, stable ride at any speed and enables the LeisureCat to remain on a plane longer than any other catamaran in the market place. The wavebreaker increases the cushioning effect experienced in the catamaran configuration, eliminating jarring and thumping when under way in a sea.
  2. The high-speed planing hull achieved by directional reverse planing strakes enables a LeisureCat to rise out of the water onto the plane with maximum efficiency. This is so successful that a LeisureCat will go from a standing start, fully loaded and with both engines down, and pull onto a plane with only one engine operational. This efficiency reduces the power requirement, therefore reducing fuel consumption and overall buoyancy weight.
  3. The in-hull engine wells provide exceptional displacement that enable the LeisureCat to carry increased load in the stern at rest, whilst affording spray protection for the engines. This keeps engines and passengers dry in the worst of conditions.

Couple all these features with the standard safety features delivered only by LeisureCat and you can see why they have gained a reputation as one of the leading catamarans in the market.

Standard safety features include:

  • Multiple hull subdivision
  • Positive foam flotation in 6-8 metre models
  • Fully self-draining deck
  • Forward crash bulkheads