What is 2C Survey?

2C Survey is the commercial survey certificate for vessels operating up to 30 nautical miles offshore in a commercial or customer-paying capacity.

To achieve this certificate, the boat has to be built to certain standards. During construction, it is checked by authorised authorities to see that it conforms to those standards and, once completed, is again checked before a certificate is issued.

Conformity is measured in the following areas:

  1. Each layer of glass and resin in the hull is checked for application quality and temperature for curing and finished quality.
  2. Installation of correct number of bulkheads and frames to meet survey standards (minimum of 1 frame per 3½ feet [1.06 m]).
  3. Installation of crash bulkheads at forward end of each hull. These are airtight and separate to bulkheads behind. All frames and bulkheads are completely covered in glass and resin and glassed into the hull shape.
  4. Fuel tank thickness and pressure tested.
  5. Rear cockpit coamings to be 2.55 ft (750 mm).
  6. Provision, where possible, for the installation of foam flotation in the hull of the amount necessary to ensure flotation of the boat when full of fuel and correct number of passengers if capsized or holed.
  7. 2C Survey is an Australian adaption of the USL code of manufacture used in association with building commercial or charter boats.