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Re-power for Summer . . . give your boat a new lease of life!  We offer a full range of Suzuki 4-stroke outboards at Perth’s lowest prices.

All engines serviced and repaired.  Compare our quote!  We also have a large range of second-hand stock available.  Call us for a quote on a Suzuki for your new boat or to re-power your existing craft.

Experience up to 40% fuel savings

4-stroke v 4-stroke comparison

Suzuki Technology is right behind you… and have a 5-year warranty!

GREATER FUEL SAVINGS:  Our Lean Burn Control Technology delivers a leaner mixture of fuel to the engine by predicting fuel needs according to operating conditions.  This system is optimised to deliver its benefits over a wide operating range, providing greater fuel savings from low speeds up into the cruising range.

SEE THE FACTS:  *Fuel saving percentages across our entire range of ‘A’ and ‘TG’ series engines –   DF25/30A = 16%, DF40A/50A = 42%, DF60A = 45%. DF70A/90A/100A/115A/140A = 14% DF150TG = 15%, DF175TG = 16%, DF200A = 19%, DF250A/300A = 14%.

*Fuel savings percentages are comparative to previous Suzuki DF engines of same hp.

Check out the Suzuki website for full details. www.westcoastsuzukimarine.com.au

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